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Retina Base


Description Retina Base is a retinal diseases virtual library based on clinical cases. This App, developed with Retina experts, will allow you to browse clinical cases in an intuitive way, going from a disease typical form to rarer forms.
Thanks to a high performing keyword search engine, find the exact picture you are looking for, and filter the results by Category (imaging technique, pathology, clinical sign, and author)
Retina Base in an app in constant evolution: the contents and functionalities are regularly updated. The App is available in any circumstances on your tablet: once installed and unlocked thanks to your ViaOpta login and password, (you can create a ViaOpta account at any time on you won’t need any internet connection to use the Retina Base App. In other words, Retina Base is: - A free tablet App with retina clinical cases based on multimodal images - A clinical cases collection available at any time and even without internet access- An app developed with ophthalmologists for ophthalmologists - A user-friendly interface for a unique experience Retina Base clinical cases are also available on : ViaOpta website is an information platform with services dedicated to ophthalmology healthcare professionals and general audience.
Retina Base is downloadable from the App Store and reserved for Healthcare professionals. Retina Base App is an informative app aiming to illustrate different retinal diseases thanks to clinical cases. This App does not intend to give medical opinion or diagnosis and does not replace in any case a medical visit. This App is free and suggested by Novartis Pharma.